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Welcome to Gluten Free Traditions!

Gluten Free Traditions is a cookbook that will help you and your family develop new traditions that suit your taste buds as well as your health. Inspired by my grandmother, Martha Savage, who was a wondrous pie maker and all around amazing person, I have been developing gluten free recipes for treats that taste like you want them to taste: so delicious that it doesn't matter if it is gluten free.  No one will know or care!

The cookbook will be released as mini e-books over the course of the 2014, with the first installment, Pie, becoming available before Christmas. You can order your copy today by clicking on the Buy Now Button,and I will send you my recipe for Pumpkin pie just in time for Thanksgiving.  Future installments will include Brunch, Cookies, Breads and Jewish Specialties. Keep visiting our website to get all the details, or like us on facebook!

Who am I, you might ask?  I have already told you who my grandmother is, after all!  My name is Emily Bender, and I love to bake.  I have been gluten-free for 16 years, and it has made a huge difference for my health.  My spouse and son are also gluten intolerant, so we do everything without gluten. I am a trained holistic nutritionist, and, in all my recipes, I strive to create wholesome versions of traditional foods that provide nutrition in addition to wonderful flavors. You can visit my Ingredients Page to see what I have to say about the ingredients I use in my recipes.

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